Canopy Harvest

The story of Earth's first solar ring, and the struggles of those who operate it

A science-fiction novel by Woody Hayday

One man's fight for justice, truth and survival in space, with help from his friends. An ecological, apocalyptical, political, space battle.
Dawn Marshallsay - Author of The Spider Mushroom

Canopy Harvest

War-torn, resource-stripped, pissed off. By 2045 man had all but burnt down his own house. The threat of environmental annihilation loomed, and so a machine was built.

Earth's hostile land spat Willsith into space, hung-over and broken. War had trained him to fight, but when his younger brother died, he denounced it. Now, five years later, he finds himself managing a team of five, maintaining section 229 of ‘the great solution’: Earth’s Halo. This ring of carbon circles the globe in near space, acting as a giant solar panel, producing power for Earth's regeneration. It’s also a jump-point to Mars, and a damned rock-magnet.

But stray rocks are the least of Willsith’s worries.

When 229 uncover information about the ring administration, Control, they find themselves destined for lobotomised slavery on the new Mars city, Tacern. Willsith is left no option but to lead an escape.

Battling through the biggest machine ever made, to escape into unknown space, Willsith struggles to overcome a lifetime of violence in order to free his friends, and to save the Earth from a new kind of terror.

Canopy Harvest
By Woody Hayday

Release date: 30th March 2017

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Canopy Harvest: Book 1 of the Stellar Ark series...

Canopy Harvest tells the story of Earth's first solar ring, and the struggles of those who operate it; but as the adventure unravels it becomes clear there are larger components at play. Combining elements of science-fiction and futurism, with the raw human need to re-engage with nature, this series grows into more than just an action adventure story.

With the first book touching on astrobiology, politics, and activism, terraforming, rewilding, and space noodles; the Stellar Ark series has only just begun.

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What people are saying about Canopy Harvest

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Canopy Harvest, a sci fi novel with a great story behind all the technological innovations and challenges which the civilization faces in not so such a distant future. As a regularly non sci fi reader, I found the techy bits very accessible and the specific Monty Python-like humour adds that bit of flavour to the story, bringing the characters and their personal struggles closer to its readers, no matter how advanced the humans may be in the future compared to now. Humans still have dreams and goals, they suffer and wonder, whether on Earth or on a ring built around it. And the most intriguing and heart warming twist comes towards the end of the novel, be prepared to be amazed.
Alice C.

This futuristic, action-packed space thriller is unique and unpredictable, and you can read it at three levels: the current action; the inner psychological struggles of its characters (especially with Willsith trying to move on from his military past); and the underlying eco-political war that paints a scary picture of what could happen if we continue to mistreat the planet we live on. Hayday’s vivid descriptions and clever wit pull you into the story and launch you into space and beyond. Counting down to the next book!
Dawn Mundy

Thoroughly enjoyed this story! Basically an entertaining space adventure tale but with an interesting leaning toward environmental catastrophe and mankind's ongoing search for hope in the face of disaster. There's also a touching human story at its heart. I found it a good balance between fast paced visceral thriller, intriguing technologies and thought provoking moments. I hope that I will be able to read more from the author soon!
Nick P Southcombe

Purchased canopy harvest a few days ago and havent been able to put it down. The story is well written and draws you in immediately!!
Kelly M.

This book will challenge you to reconsider your ideas on utopia, and how human behaviour will affect the future of the environment and it's climate. The characters in the book are wonderfully nuanced and explore the complexities of being a saviour. If you enjoy science fiction with the pace of a thriller novel then this book is for you.
Cara Nahaul